California Infection Control Regulations Development: Presentation Slide Set Available Online

September 11, 2011

The slide set from a recent presentation given by staff members of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH), check Center for Healthcare Quality is now available online.

The presentation associated with the slides pertained to the development of regulations for infection control in California general acute care hospitals. It was given by CDPH Health Facilities Evaluator Nurses Lee J. Cuen and Kay Neath on September 1, capsule 2011 to the California Healthcare Associated Infections Advisory Committee.

Many states have implemented administrative rules for the implementation and development of state healthcare-associated infection (HAI) programs. Most (but not all) are promulgated under the authority of a broader HAI statute. The slides from this particular presentation are an excellent resource for understanding the administrative process required for rule promulgation not only in California, order but in other states as well.

The following topics relating to the process of rule promulgation are addressed in the slides:

  • State regulations for adopting regulations,
  • Office of Administrative Law and the regulatory process (Administrative Procedure Act) that must be followed,
  • the development of the regulations,
  • the rule making process,
  • notice of public meeting, and
  • limitations of the regulations.

The slides also address the following:

  • the specifics of the infection control rules,
  • integrated infection surveillance, prevention and control program,
  • legislative history and infection control regulations,
  • specific statutory requirements for the infection control program, and
  • specific regulatory infection control goals (adequate numbers of hospital infection preventionists, MRSA testing, and antibiotic use).

Click here to view the presentation slides.

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