CATS & BEAGLES Against Surgical Site Infections

June 14, 2011

CATS Decrease Surgical Site Infections

New posters have been developed to help healthcare workers, patients and families to better understand and remember the practices necessary for decreasing surgical site infections. The two new posters feature CATS and BEAGLEs.

CATS Decrease Surgical Site Infections

The CATS poster has the headline “CATS Decrease Surgical Site Infections,” and includes an explanation of the acronym and an image of a cat.  It was prepared by Health Services Advisory Group, Inc. (HSAG), a Medicare Quality Improvement Organization for Arizona, under contract with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

The acronym CATS stands for:

C: Clippers (remove hair appropriately)

A: Antibiotics (use prophylactic antibiotics appropriately)

T: Temperature (maintain normothermia)

S: Sugar (maintain glucose control).

Click to view the CATS Poster.

BEAGLES Save Lives!

The Kansas Foundation for Medical Care, Inc. (KFMC) also developed a new poster for the prevention of surgical site infections under contract with CMS.  It’s poster has a picture of a very cute beagle puppy with the statement “BEAGLES Save Lives!”

The acronym BEAGLES stands for the following:

B: Beta Blockers

E: Environmental Control

A: Antibiotics

G: Glucose Control

L: Leadership Support

E: Embolism Prevention

S: Skin Preparation

Click here to view the BEAGLES poster.

Both posters can be downloaded as a pdf for use in your facility.


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