Press Release: Dental Bib Chains Pose Cross Contamination Risk

July 25, 2011

According to a press release, Dr. John Molinari, Director of Infection Control for The Dental Advisor, Ann Arbor, Michigan, is urging patients to question their dentists about the cross-contamination risk associated with reused chains and holders used to fasten patient protective bibs in place.

The release details how Dr. Molinari’s research determined that “reused bib chains contained about 1,000 times more bacteria than disposable or sterilized chains.”

“Bacteria from (dental) patients’ mouths transfers on to surfaces through the air from aerosols from air and water syringe sprays or gloved hands in people’s mouths and then touching other items,” Dr. Molinari tells Fox News in a July 15 report headlined, “Gross Out … At the Dentist’s Office.”

Dr. Molinari urges patients to ask their dentist what they do for infection control since there are easy, inexpensive solutions such as sterilizing between patients or using disposable bib holder.

Click here to read the full press release.

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