Dentist Fined for Poor Infection Control Practices

July 27, 2013

iowa dental board Jay BuckleyAn Iowa dentist has been fined $5,000 for poor infection control practices, including the failure to change gloves between patients according to the Iowa Des Moines Register.

An investigation was launched after a dental assistant working for Dr. Jay Buckley informed state regulators that Buckley was violating proper infection protocols. For example, instead of changing gloves between patients, the dentist would wash them with soap and water. Other investigation findings included poor cleaning of exam rooms and issues with equipment sterilization.

According to the Des Moines Register article, the Iowa Dental Board ruled as follows:

Buckley “repeatedly and willfully failed to maintain safety and sanitary conditions in his dental practice.” The board noted that Buckley disputed the allegations, but it said his “statements and testimony denying the violations were filled with inconsistencies and self-serving statements.” Besides levying the fine, the board ordered the Buckley to serve five years probation; to have infection-control training for himself and his staff; and have another dentist monitor his practice.

Buckley’s lawyer intends to appeal the board’s decision saying the decision was built around a disgruntled employee who was fired.

Click here to view the original Notice of Hearing and Statement of Charges against Dr. Buckley.

Photo: Iowa Dental Board.

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