HONOReform Expands its Mission in Nevada

November 1, 2011

The HONOReform Foundation, a national advocacy organization dedicated to protecting patients through safeguarding medical injection safety practices, has announced the expansion of its mission to Nevada by including three Nevadans on its Board of Directors.

Evelyn McKnight, the president of Hepatitis Outbreaks’ national Organization for Reform Foundation (www.HONOReform.org), serves as the patient spokesperson for the Safe Injection Practices Coalition, which was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

McKnight issued the following statement:

We are pleased and privileged to welcome three Nevadans to our Board of Directors. Through their example, dedication and expertise, Henry Chanin, Karen Morrow and Dr. Frank Nemec will help expand our mission in Nevada.

Our aim is to become even more active participants in Nevada’s patient safety efforts. In our ongoing efforts to educate the public and reeducate healthcare providers on safe healthcare practices, we welcome this essential volunteer support.

For more information, contact Steve Langan at steve@HONOReform.org or (402) 659-6343.

HONOReform Press Release (Nov. 11, 2011).

About HONOReform Foundation

HONOReform Foundation advocates for patient safety, justice and compassion at both the state and national level. It was formed in response to viral hepatitis outbreaks caused by reuse of syringes and other types of substandard care in outpatient facilities and private physicians’ offices. The overall mission of HONOReform Foundation is to promote the lessons of the outbreaks so that these tragedies will never happen again. HONOReform is the only national advocacy organization dedicated to protecting patients through safeguarding the medical injection process. Our vision is a nation in which health care providers always follow fundamental injection safety practices that are designed to protect all patients each and every time they receive an injection.



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