Iowa Healthcare Collaborative Releases Healthcare-Associated Infection Data

August 18, 2011

The Iowa Healthcare Collaborative (IHC) has issued a press release announcing the release of an updated set of Iowa healthcare-associated infection (HAI) hospital performance information.

The press release was issued Tuesday, August 16, 2011.

The IHC has served as an active partner with Iowa hospitals for reducing infections.  According to the press release, IHC has release public information on hospital-specific HAI performance information in its Iowa Report since 2005 based on data voluntarily reported by Iowa hospitals.  This is a significant achievement.  Iowa does not have a state HAI public reporting law.  As compared to the many states that have enacted mandatory HAI public reporting laws, some of which have yet to have publicly released HAI data, Iowa’s release of data starting as early as 2005 is indeed an accomplishment in providing needed consumer information to the public.

Today’s release of HAI information updates a set of HAI reports for which Iowa hospitals voluntarily collect and report data. IHC, in collaboration with the Iowa Hospital Association and action-oriented healthcare stakeholders across the state, helped align and equip Iowa hospitals in their voluntary efforts to collect infection data, publicly report results, and work on improving outcomes related to this important set of HAI measures.

“Healthcare improvement and responsible public reporting of performance are the main cornerstones of our work with hospitals,” said Tom Evans, MD, president and CEO of IHC. “We have used these data to better inform hospitals of their performance and to facilitate infection reduction in Iowa. Today’s release of hospital-specific rates to the public follows through on our commitment to performance transparency in healthcare for Iowans.”

Click here to read the press release.

Click here to view the HAI data.

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