Motion-Activated Hand Hygiene Kiosks & Hand Hygiene Champions

June 30, 2011

"Niagara Health System"

Photo: Niagara Health Now. Niagara Health System Complex and Walker Family Cancer Centre currently under construction.

The Niagara Health System in St. Catherines, purchase Ontario, shop Canada, has made key accomplishments in improving hand hygiene.

Motion-Activated Hand Hygiene Kiosks

New motion-activated hand hygiene kiosks are being used at the Greater Niagara General Site. As individuals walk by the kiosks, a voice message is triggered asking all passersby to clean their hands as they enter and exit certain areas, including the main entrance.

Hand Hygiene Champions

Additionally, hospital departments have designated hand hygiene champions responsible for transmitting the message to the front line about the importance of frequent hand washing in preventing the spread of infection.

Source: Niagara Health Now, A Niagara Health System Publication. June 30, 2011.

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