Over 2,000 Hospitals Now Participating in Partnership For Patients

July 8, 2011

Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced today that approximately 4, viagra order 500 organizations, pills including over 2, pilule 000 hospitals, have pledged their support for the Partnership for Patients patient safety initiative.

With the collective effort of private and public stakeholders, the Partnership for Patients aims to reduce preventable harm in hospitals by 40 percent in the next three years.  This means a reduction in the number of preventable in-hospital medication errors, central-line associated bloodstream infections, falls and other injuries.  The Partnership also seeks to help patients heal successfully after discharge, targeting unnecessary return visits to reduce 30-day hospital readmissions by 20 percent over the next three years.

The Partnership for Patients also has the potential to save up to $35 billion in health care costs, including up to $10 billion for Medicare.  Over the next ten years, the Partnership for Patients could reduce costs to Medicare by about $50 billion and result in billions more in Medicaid savings.

Two funding opportunities in support of the Partnership for Patients Initiative have been announced under the Affordable Care Act.  The Community-Based Care Transitions Program will provide up to $500 million in funding for partnerships between community based organizations and hospitals to help patients safely transition between care settings.

For more information about Improving Care Transitions, click here.

Source:  Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.  Press Release, Partnership for Patents Meets Goal of Over 2,000 Hospitals Participating.  CMS Office of Public Affairs, No. 202-690-6145.  July 8, 2011.

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