Summary of Wyoming’s HAI State Program

July 8, 2010

The state agency responsible for implementing Wyoming’s HAI state program is the Wyoming Department of Health.

Wyoming does not have statutory law or regulations requiring the reporting of healthcare-associated infection (HAI) data by healthcare facilities.  Therefore, it previously did not have a HAI program in place for surveillance.  The state initiated its HAI preventive program in 2009 in response to its obligations for receiving block grant funds under the Health and Human Services (HHS) Action plan.  The following information is summarized from the Wyoming state plan submitted in response to the HHS Action plan.

The Wyoming HAI program has chosen two priority prevention targets: CDI and MRSA.

As of December 2009, the state had two Wyoming facilities participating in NHSN and enrolled in the NHSN MDRO module.  It intends to gain more hospital participation, and will be sending letters of requests for participation.  Participation is voluntary since the state does not have a statutory mandate for reporting.

Tailored reports containing data analysis will be developed by January 2010.  The program will issue reports once the surveillance system has been collecting data for at least six months.  Monthly and/or yearly statewide and facility summary reports will be distributed back to the facilities.

Reference:  State of Wyoming, Department of Health.  Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) Prevention Plan, First Ed.  (December 2009).

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