Unsafe injection practices in U.S. mean thousands are victims of dirty needles

January 2, 2013

HAIs in the News: The Tennessean, December 31, 2012

The Tennessean provides coverage of unsafe injection practices and Peter Eisler’s recent USA Today article.

Evelyn McKnight, 57, contracted hepatitis C a decade ago while being treated for cancer at a Nebraska oncology clinic. The virus required six months of debilitating drug treatment on top of her chemotherapy, and it could re-emerge at any time.

“People think, ‘This can’t happen in the United States; this is a Third World thing,’ ” said McKnight, who heads HONOReform, a foundation that advocates safe injection practices. “Unfortunately, it happens on a regular basis, and it affects a lot of people, families, communities.”

Without question, the overwhelming majority of the hundreds of millions of injections administered annually in hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and doctors offices are done safely and without incident. But a significant percentage of clinicians — some studies suggest more than 5 percent — don’t follow accepted safety standards.

That translates into a lot of bad shots.

Source: The Tennessean

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